Reliable and effective carpet cleaning has never been in greater demand in South East London! More and more people recognise the importance of top-quality carpet care for their home and working place – not just the improved look of their rooms, but the health safety and comfort of their families and co-workers. 

The increased demand has naturally resulted in increased supply – a growing number of professional cleaning contractors turn their attention to carpet maintenance. And here is where things turn tricky for the customer. Some companies include the service in their portfolio without having the proper certification or experience – the result is carpet washing calamities and terrified clients.

Why Is Crystal Palace Carpet Cleaning Different?

Ever since our inception, we have concentrated exclusively on carpet treatment. Of course, we also provide rug and upholstery cleaning and mattress washing, but these services are very close in principle. This singular focus has allowed us to reach levels of knowledge and efficiency that put us at the very forefront of the carpet cleaning industry in South East London. 

How so? From the very beginning, we decided that we will not extend our portfolio until we reach full proficiency in our chosen field of action. One of our first steps was to seek admission in the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) – the most respected professional body in our business. Once granted, we got access to the best training courses and most extensive database in the UK. From then on, it was up to us to take full advantage of the vault of knowledge at our disposal – and the one thing we never lacked was determination and desire for hard work.

The second major advantage is that we are a local-based contractor – we have an almost intrinsic acquaintance with Crystal Palace, its business community, and the pulse of its residents. People feel more at ease with someone they know and can call a neighbour – and our vans have become a common sight on the streets of the area. We may not have the extensive area coverage of the big London cleaning behemoths, but we more than make it up in dedication and friendly attitude.

Who Are The People Working For Your Comfort? 

We are regular South London lads who are passionate about their job and always try to do it to the best of our ability. We like to think of ourselves as punctual, hardworking, and efficient experts at the top of their profession. And, of course, we are die-hard fans of CFPC – go Eagles!