Effective Carpet Washing By Local Professionals 

If you are looking for the best carpet care services on the lowest prices, look no further – Crystal Palace Carpet Cleaners is what you need! Since the day we made our first steps in the industry, we knew that we have had to be the best to succeed and that’s what we have strived for. We managed to climb to the top of the carpet cleaning market in South East London and prove that we are a top-tier contractor. However, since then, we have realised that being elite is just the beginning. Now, we have no choice but to give it 110% to keep our position. We have set high standards and blazed new paths in our business. 

Our customers can always rely on a timely, hassle-free experience that delivers the desired results. From the first call to the final quality check-up we try to simplify the process as much as possible, giving you the chance to enjoy more free time and better-looking carpets and rugs without even lifting a finger!

Our Service Portfolio At A Glance

We provide our Crystal Palace customers with the following service options:

  • Domestic carpet cleaning – regular, one-off, and post-tenancy treatment
  • Commercial carpet washing – suitable for restaurants, cafes, stores, large and small-scale business premises
  • Office carpet upkeep packages – specifically designed to cater to the requirements of upscale corporate premises.

While carpet cleaning remains firmly our principal focus, it does not by any means exhaust the services we provide. Additional cleaning options include:

  • Area rug cleaning – we treat Afghan, Persian, Ottoman, Chinese, woollen, cotton, and synthetic rugs.
  • Upholstered furniture cleaning – armchairs, sofas, upholstered chairs, ottomans, stools, and curtains.
  • Highly effective mattress steam washing – with particular focus on dust mites removal.

What Makes Us The Most Reasonable Carpet-care Choice In Crystal Palace?

  • Long years of experience in the business
  • A team of highly qualified and result-oriented experts
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Uncompromising quality control for every procedure
  • Competitive prices with no hidden fees or charges
  • You can book us even on Bank and National Holidays; same-day appointments are available upon request
  • We serve both domestic and commercial customers
  • No transportation costs – we will clean your carpets and rugs on the spot!

Our Carpet Treatment Operatives  

The whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. Our team includes some of the best carpet cleaners in London with years of experience and extensive training behind their backs. But being able to clean a carpet is not all about skill – it is about knowledge, as well. The CPCC technicians possess the necessary expertise to identify and clean a wide variety of spots, stains, and mould, and negate the negative effect of foot traffic, humidity, and dirt smothering. They are familiar with the proper treatment for organic and synthetic fibres, as well as rugs, upholstered furniture, and mattresses. Each member of the team can cover the NCCA standards correctly and with their eyes closed! Your carpets will be in good hands.  

Our Pricing Policy – Overview

We charge our customers per item or per room, but never on an hourly basis. Since we work with fixed estimates, when you give us the information about the carpets, rugs or pieces of furniture you want us to treat, we can come up with a concrete price quote. There are no contract fees or recurrent charges – you only pay for the treatment you get!

What Carpet Cleaning Methods Do We Employ – And In What Cases

  • Hot water extraction – the most powerful cleaning method at our disposal, and suitable in case of heavy dirt smothering. It combines the concentrated force of steam jets with the dissolving power of an active biodegradable compound.
  • Dry carpet cleaning – arguably the best method at our disposal if we need quick surface fibre treatment. It employs significantly less steam than carpet shampoo, and as a result, the drying time is shorter.
  • Spot and stain removal – perfect for old persistent stains. The technique allows us to treat minimal areas of the carpet with impressive efficiency.
  • Pet odour removal – we all have had a cat or a dog that simply wouldn’t learn that the carpet is not a toilet. Now, you can deal with the urine stains and unpleasant smells in minutes!
  • Scotchgard protector – a carefully selected humidity and stain repellent that protects your carpets and rugs longer while being totally health-safe for your family.
  • Anti-static carpet treatment – you may overlook the problem until your electric appliances start to malfunction a bit too often. Avoid the problem with a simple and quick solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my home carpets professionally cleaned?

It is almost impossible to give a general answer as every case is unique, but we recommend a hot water extraction treatment twice per year. If we talk about commercial premises, you should consider booking a carpet shampoo every quarter.

Can I get similar results if I do the carpet washing myself?

We hate to burst your bubble, but no – you cannot. We have a much better knowledge of the modern carpet-care techniques and even more importantly – access to powerful professional equipment, which tilts the scales in our favour.

What is an end of tenancy carpet cleaning and do I need to book it if I am moving out? 

When you move out from a leased home, you n are expected to perform some overall cleaning of the place. Most tenants book a professional contractor for the job, but the latter usually limit their treatment to vacuum cleaning. If the carpets are in poor condition, you will probably have to book a carpet cleaner to wash them.


“You cannot book a more reliable contractor in Crystal Palace than CPCarpetCleaning! They always do a wonderful job and never overprice their services!”

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